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Fall Heller’s Apple Festival 2022

Fall Heller’s Apple Festival 2022

The FCFI tent is set up abd ready to go!

The Fall Heller’s Apple Festival happened in Wapwallopen, PA on Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16, 2022.  Michael and Karen Steele ran the booth for the Fellowship of Christian Farmers. David and Sally Good also volunteered.

FCFI witness Karen Steele (left) talks to a family that said their church rejects them and they think it pertains to their tattoos and earrings.  They were happy when Karen was happy to talk to them.

Show Report:

We have been at this event maybe six years now.  The Heller family gives our ministry tremendous respect.  The always give us a great location and never charge us a fee to attend.  We usually are set up down close to the fruit store.  This year we were up in the mix of the various vendors.  Meaning this year we had a very good spot but we had to walk further to buy our apples!!

A large family stops at the FCFI table. Unpictured is FCFI witness Sally Good off to the left and sharing the message while FCFI witness Karen Steele (far right) shares the Wordless Bible with another family.

We had two young ladies stop by our tent.  They were both very interested in what FCFI does. They gave us their names and email addresses.  The were both also added to the FCFI Prayer Guide by their request.  We will keep in contact with them in hopes that we can work together to reach more souls for Lord Jesus.

FCFI witness Karen Steele (left) shares with these three young ladies.  The young lady on the left was saved, the other two were not.  They walked away without coming to Jesus.

1) We spoke with a young lady that lives on Sanibel Island off the coast of Ft Myers, FL.  She said they rode out Hurricane Ian in their house.  She said the storm raged for 18 hours.  She believers possibly 3 or 4 tornadoes crossed behind their house in that time frame.  She stated she had faith the Lord would get them through the storm and they made it out fine.

2) A lady in a witches hat stopped by the FCFI tent.  FCFI witness Karen Steele happily talked to her.  The lady said her husband and her were attending a church.  But her church never let them help at any of their events.  The lady and her husband have multiple earrings and tattoos.  They believe this is why their church rejects them.  She was absolutely thrilled to be able to stop at the FCFI tent and be welcomed as a friend.
3) We gave out maybe 150 walking sticks.  We gave out a mix of the round sticks from FCFI and square sticks we get for free.  The free sticks require maybe up to 30 minutes or more per stick of preparation because they do not come to us ready to hand out.  Maybe the round sticks were a little more popular.

The young lady on the left talks as FCFI witness Karen Steele (blue button down FCFI shirt) and the rest of her family listen in.

We had a great time at the Heller’s Apple Festival.  We are looking forward to joining them again in October 2023!!

What a great couple of days serving the Lord!!
If all of Jesus beautiful moments were written down there would not be enough books in the world to contain them!

Prayers for the 3 people that prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts and lives to find good Bible believing churches and to get to know their Great God even better by feeling His presence in their life!!