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eNewsletter: Disaster Relief Done Right: Ontario Snowstorm


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Report from those blessed:

February 29th only comes once in 4 years.  Every time that day comes we will remember February 29, 2016.  It was the day 50+ volunteers came together to cleanup and start rebuilding our family farm’s disastrous greenhouse collapse.

Earlier in the month, two days of continuous snow resulted in 4 feet (1.25m) of accumulation and collapsed 5 of the 8 greenhouses structures used to grow the 13 million plants on our broccoli farm.  Greenhouse seeding usually starts March 7.  The collapse happened on February 11 and 12.  The possibility of losing part of a season or finding the expense and logistics of others growing for us overwhelmed us.

A call to Bill Brown, a field man from the Fellowship of the Christian Farmers, International, got the ball rolling.  He, in turn,  asked Hank Huigenbos to head up the disaster relief .  Hank called a number of churches in the area, we set a date, and then we leaped into action with over 50 volunteers showing up to work on February 29th.

After our safety talk, signing of wavers, and a devotional, the work started at 9:00am.

The volunteers were divided into 4 groups, with each group being assigned a task and the responsibility of how best to see that accomplished.

By noon we had accomplished such an astounding amount of work and also, because of forecasted inclement weather, we canceled the following day of work.  The afternoon was spent with further cleanup, emptying of wagons of scrap steel, dumping of materials, and the beginnings of rebuilding .

The gifts and skills of all the individuals involved was truly something to behold and was a true gift of God.  Asking for help and receiving that from such a large number is truly humbling and awesome.  Scripture mentions that when His people work together in unity, there He will command a blessing.  This was evidenced by several denominations of churches coming together to work side by side and accomplishing this daunting task.

Sometimes disasters come our way and we wonder what is happening, and then a miracle like this happens . What an awesome God we serve.  Our families are grateful for each and every one that helped in any way.  May the God that blessed us with your presence bless you as we continue to walk in His light!

Bert and Wilma Visscher
Pete and Tanya Janssen