A Truly Rare Tornado in Yuma, Colorado!

A Truly Rare Tornado in Yuma, Colorado!

One of the many different shapes of the Yuma tornado

From the Julesburg Advocate:

“One tornado that wreaked havoc in northeastern Colorado’s Yuma County this week unleashed wind at speeds as fast as 150 miles per hour along a six-mile path of destruction, according to preliminary results of a National Weather Service damage survey.

This tornado hit Tuesday and damaged irrigation pivots, trees, power poles, and two houses, the NWS survey team found. It also wrecked grain bins and a slanted metal building that held agricultural equipment — but spared Yuma, population 3,433, located 143 miles northeast of Denver.

And, based on the damage, NWS meteorologists rated the tornado “EF-3” or “strong.”

“We don’t receive many tornadoes of that intensity out here,” NWS meteorologist Jesse Lundquist said from his base in Goodland, Kansas.

“Yuma was very lucky that this tornado made a right turn to a more southerly direction,” Lundquist said.

Its path began at the town of Hyde, about 4.7 miles west of Yuma, and it moved to a point a mile southwest of Yuma, churning up debris as it carved into soil. The tornado remained south of Yuma. It ripped the roof off a house were people were huddled inside.

The NWS surveyors, based in Goodland, Kansas, were analyzing data to determine exactly when the tornado hit. Two other tornadoes touched down south of Yuma later on Tuesday, Lundquist said.

No deaths or injuries occurred as a result of the storms.

In Yuma, municipal officials said they saw two tornadoes. NWS meteorologists on Thursday morning were analyzing information from their survey of damage from the storm, which also dropped large hail including a 5-inch-diameter hailstone comparable to canned hams — expected to set a new record.”

Arial photo of the Monk homestead damage
Up close and personal

Video of Shapeshifter Tornado: Must See!

Pipe Tornado

Must see video of a rare tornado in Yuma, Colorado from August 11, 2023 –> Shapeshifter

This video tells the story of a truly unique and rare occurance of a tornado taking on at least 5 different shapes and a most unlikely path including 3 loops!

The Monk Family

If you watch the video, you will see that the Monk parents were not home at the time, but the kids were home.  The father told the kids to put their helmets on and get under the stairwell, which may have saved their lives.  He was communicating with the kids with his phone and also watching the live feed of the tornado video!  Praise the Lord they were all safe.

A whole lot of damage to clean up and rebuild

This tragedy turned out to be a great opportunity for the Fellowship of Christian Farmers to meet with people suffering from a natural disaster.  Two prominent members, Jim Nelson and Mike Weaver, visited the Monk family near Yuma, Colorado.  Mike didn’t get to meet the Monk family, but Jim did see them.  The building above was to be used as a Christian resource center, and this will be completed, along with their house.  They farm on the property there.  Jim’s biggest takeawaway from his visit with the Monk’s is that they were very grateful to have FCFI in their corner, and appreciated the visit from Jim.  Also, Jim saw that the Monk family continues to praise the Lord, even through this tragedy and loss of property.

On this side of Heaven, there will be disasters and tragedy.  We can count on the Lord our God to help us through the storms.  It is one of the main goals of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers to come along side of our friends and neighbors and point them to Christ along the way.

“For though the fig tree does not blossom,

and no fruit appears on the vine,
Though the yield of the olive fails
    and the terraces produce no nourishment,
Though the flocks disappear from the fold
    and there is no herd in the stalls,
 Yet I will rejoice in the Lord
    and exult in my saving God.  (Habakkuk 3:17-18)