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Shoe Campaign Continues


The Fellowship of Christian Farmers continues its ongoing Shoe Project, where we collect donated shoes, sell them on the secondary market, and they are then shipped to places like Africa and Haiti, and sold to people with no shoes, and can’t afford new shoes.  Funds from the sale of these donated shoes is used to fund ongoing operations of the Fellowship, including disaster relief and farm show expenses.



FCFI Board member CP Foster is an active participant in the Shoe Project, and good friend of the original “Shoeman” George Hutchins.  CP has gathered 2500 pounds of shoes from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  Also volunteering are Clarence Johnston from New Jersey and Roy and Kathy Upson from New York.  Each have collected 1000 pounds of shoes!



When enough shoes have been collected to fill a semi-trailer, then they are sold and on their way to Africa for resale.  This has been a new fundraising project for the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, and has slowly been gaining steam.  Challenges include finding people to volunteer collecting shoes in one of our special collection boxes, finding churches and businesses willing to place a box for collection, storing shoes before transport, and getting such a large amount of shoes all in the same place for final transport.


If you are interested in participating in the Shoe Project, you will be helping the poor in 3rd world countries obtain inexpensive shoes, where they otherwise wouldn’t have any shoes. You will also help keep tons of used shoes out of overflowing landfills. And finally, you will be helping the Fellowship of Christian Farmers to continue disaster relief projects, as well as day to day operations and presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ at farm shows and community events. You may contact the home office at the number below. Thank you for your support!