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2022 Fall Nittany Antique Machinery Association Show

2022 Fall Nittany Antique Machinery Association Show

The tent set-up!  We enjoy showing the tractor manufacturer banners when possible.  Many people stop to look at them and point out their favorite.  Some want to buy them!  The FCFI flag flies to the right!

The 2022 Fall Nittany Antique Machinery Association Show  happened September 8-11 at Penns Cave Grounds, Centre Hall, Pennsylvania.  Michael and Karen Steele worked the show.  4 people received Jesus as their savior.

Summary from Michael Steele:

“We have been at this event seven or eight years now working both the Spring and Fall shows.  Though Sunday is normally the last day, due to rain forecast for Sunday all vendors tore down their tents/EZ Ups on Saturday night.  We had a great time encouraging many Christians in their daily walks.”

The gentleman on the right looks at his new Wordless Walking Stick as FCFI witness Karen Steele (right) explains what he is holding.  The lady on the left was looking at the many fun giveaway items on the table.  FCFI witness Michael Steele shared with her!

1) We made contact with a farmer from the Lancaster area, Daniel Brubaker, that offered to help us with housing and with information on some events down in the Lancaster area.

2) We had a visit from an event organizer with the Twin Tier Antique Tractor Association from Rome, Pa.  We had heard that event was closing.  The organizer confirmed they are still in operation and would love to have us join their event in 2023 (2022 already completed.)

3) We were brought a flier for the Vintage Iron Club tractor show at West End Fairgrounds Laurelton, Pa. Being held September 16-18, 2022,  too late for this year.  Maybe next year.

Father and daughter listen to the Wordless Bible presentation from FCFI witness Karen Steele (right).  They are already both Christians but really wanted walking sticks.

Reports from the show:

1) This was a show of talking with Christians and especially those with problems.  One lady told of how she had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.  While in the hospital her son totally cleaned out her house.  She had to moved in with her sister coming out of the hospital.  They are still in the process of deciding what to do about it.  She is very bitter and needs prayer for the ability to handle it correctly and to make the right decisions.

2) An older man stopped by with a bad hip.  He wanted a walking stick to help him get around the show.  He walked easier with the stick.  He was at the show all three days and was always seen walking with his new walking stick.  It is always great to help somebody be able to enjoy the show!
3) A lady stopped by.  She had received a walking stick from FCFI approximately 20 years ago at the Troy Fair in Troy, Pa.  She said she still has the stick!!  It is always nice to hear from people that received a walking stick years ago that still have it.

A young lady listens as FCFI witness Karen Steele explains the colors of the Wordless Bible.  She was already a Christian and had never heard the salvation message of Lord Jesus explained that way.  Her daughter stands behind listening.  FCFI witness Karen Steele (left) presents!

4) We talked with many Christians that had different issues.  Two of them lost spouses after many years of being married.  It was nice to try to comfort them in their time of need.

5) Their were many people that stopped by and received their very first interaction with FCFI.  They had never heard of FCFI and were given the FCFI brochure and bulletin.  We had great talks explaining our evangelism and Rapid Response Teams.
6) We try to help other vendors as they need help.  We stayed 4 extra hours on Saturday night helping a vendor with a big tent set-up and a bad right arm load all his stock onto his trailer and take down his tent.  It was dark and raining as we finished up.

What a great couple of days serving the Lord!!  If all of Jesus beautiful moments were written down there would not be enough books in the world to contain them!

FCFI witness Karen Steele holds an FCFI Wordless Walking Stick and talks with this young lady.  They had a great talk.

Prayers for the 4 people that prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts and lives to find good Bible believing churches and to get to know their Great God even better by feeling His presence in their life!!

Thanks again for all your support!  Your generousity pays for farm show supplies, walking sticks, transportation, and other ways to serve the Lord.