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Disaster Relief


Keep track of the latest Disaster Relief efforts by the Fellowship of Christian Farmers!  We need volunteers!

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Click the blue "Volunteer" box here or on the Home Page to sign up for Disaster Relief. You are not obligated to volunteer for each relief event, but you will be pre-registered if needed. Thanks for supporting FCFI!

Disaster Relief Registration

We are pre-registering volunteers to aid in disaster recovery.

Shoes! Collecting Gently Worn Shoes to Fund FCFI Disaster Relief Projects

Your support of the Shoe Project will help fund disaster relief projects, like the Kansas Wildfire of Ashland, KS, that burned thousands of acres of ranch land, and killed thousands of cattle.  View video here –> Kansas Prairie Wildfire story.  FCFI members and friends have v
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Disaster: High Plains Wildfires

The Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International is setting up in the fire ravaged high plains of Kansas, at Christian Camp, near Ashland, Kansas. Here is the High Plains Journal article written by Bill Spiegel:   This will be the first deployment of the FCFI’s mobile dis
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A Radio Interview with Bert Visscher, FCFC

Follow the link and hear an interview with FCF Canada member Bert Visscher, as he talks about the Fellowship of Christian Farmers.  Bert is the father of Tanya and father-in-law of Pete Janssen, who run a broccoli farm north of London, Ontario.  FCF Canada just organized a disaster re
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eNewsletter: Disaster Relief Done Right: Ontario Snowstorm

Just yesterday, on February 29th, the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International volunteers descended on the Visscher Broccoli farm, owned by Pete and Tanya Janssen, to clean up the debris left from a huge snowstorm that dumped over three feet of snow on southern Ontario in early
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eNewsletter: Disaster Relief Volunteers Needed Feb 29!

On February 11, 2016, a major snowstorm off of Lake Huron hit the London, Ontario area, dumping over 3 feet of snow in some areas. Pictured here, to the right of the Morton building, is what is left of the 7 greenhouses on the farm of Pete and Tanya Janssen, son-in-law and daughter o
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