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York RV Show

FCFI Pennsylvania Northern Tier had a great time sharing Jesus at the York RV Show.

Above: A couple stops to get the message of the Wordless Bible. FCFI witness Sally Good in blue shares.

Above: Three brothers stop to show off their new FCFI construction hats!

Above: This young lady is focused on a zipper pull with the five colors of the Wordless Bible attached. She really enjoyed the message!

Above: FCFI witness Ernie Reese (right) holds the Wordless Walking Stick and explains each color of the attached Wordless Bible to this young couple.

Above: Sally Good, FCFI witness in blue, shares the salvation message with this young lady.

Above: A young man looks over his new small cross with the Wordless Bible beads attached. Mom and Dad watch from behind.

Above: Value Mart RV salesman Sam Norman holds his walking stick as he talks to prospective customers. Earlier after Sam first got his walking stick he was seen having several coworkers look at his stick as he explained the colors to them.


There was a mother and father stop with a small boy maybe 5 or 6 years old. One witness was talking to the parents and one was talking to the boy. The boy said he prays for his grandmother everyday. He said he wanted to do it right there. He ran over just beyond a camper and kneeled down and started praying.

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