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Ocean City Home and Easter Show

FCFI Pennsylvania Northern Tier had another great show at the Ocean City Home and Easter Show

We had a great time sharing the Gospel of Lord Jesus down at one of the east coast's premier vacation towns.  This show is geared not towards vacationers but towards the people local to the Delmarva peninsula area.

It was held at the Roland E Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, MD.

Above: We were blessed by the show's promoter (Ocean Promotions) to have a double booth. We contracted for a single 10' x 10' location but arrived to find they had allotted us two.

Above: You can catch more than waves at Ocean City. You can also catch the awesome salvation message of Lord Jesus. FCFI witness Karen Steele (in light blue FCFI hoodie) shares the Wordless Bible message with this father and his two children.

Above: The FCFI sand art table was a huge hit with the many families. The FCFI staff helped many children and some adults build their own necklaces out of sand, the five colors of the Wordless Bible. 170 sand art necklaces were given out. The previous high given out at any event was 96. So you can see how busy this show was.

Above: This young lady was pointing to and asking about the small wood crosses with the five colors of the Wordless Bible attached. FCFI witness Karen Steele (in blue) helps explain the message.

Above: This short dude was really cool! He had stopped first at the FCFI sand art table and created his own necklace. Then he stopped by the FCFI ministry table. He was asked if he remembered what the meaning of each bead was since he just came from the sand art table (FCFI witnesses Ernie and Martha Reese manning the table always explain the meaning of the beads as they direct the people in building their necklaces.) When asked at the ministry table if he remembered, he just rattled off the complete message. We may have to get him a chair behind the table for next year's show!

Above: A young man has interest in getting his own walking stick. So he brought Mom over to the FCFI table. Here, FCFI witness Ernie Reese (left) shares the salvation message of Lord Jesus Christ with Mom and son.

Above: Look at the beautiful smiles on these awesome young Christian ladies! We were blessed to have them stop by both the FCFI sand art table and the FCFI ministry table. We also had a great talk with the fantastic young man who was chaperoning these ladies!

Above: Okay, this new walking stick owner found out that her little buddy wanted the stick too!

Above: Two more young adults get walking sticks and the Gospel of Lord Jesus!

Above: Some more FCFI sand art table action. These two ladies were focused while creating their own dolphin sand art necklaces. We thought dolphin necklaces might be appreciated at the beach. Yes, they were!!

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