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Our Annual FCFI Conference is coming soon! July 24-26, 2024 Be sure to put the dates on your calendars and check back here we will begin sign up soon!

The Conference this year is going to be held at Fair Oaks Dairy, Fair Oaks, Indiana. Come join the fun as we will meet Tuesday July 23 for tours of the many fun activities at the farm. Bring your kids and grandkids to enjoy watching the cows ride the carousel being milked.

Watch calves being born and then move to the Pig Adventure - where you can see piglets being born, and learn the growth cycle of pigs from little piglets to a full-grown sow, gilt or boar. 

Then learn about how to make cheese and ice cream and just enjoy the day experiencing all the fun things to do at the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm!!  Bring the Family! 

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