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Virginia Farm Show - Jan 18 - 20, 2024

FCFI Pennsylvania Northern Tier Chapter spent 2 days at the Virginia Farm Show at the Augusta Expo in Fishersville, VA.
Praise the Lord for the three people who prayed to receive Jesus as Savior!!

VA Farm Show This farmer said I am a Christian and I am a farmer.jpgAbove: This farmer was walking by the FCFI booth when he suddenly stopped. He looked up at the banner and proudly and loudly exclaimed "That is me!! I am a Christian and I am a farmer!" He then says but he has never heard of FCFI. We told him all about the ministry and he loved it. He then left and a short time later was back with his wife and daughter. The picture has his wife next to him. They took all the FCFI information. Again, great people.


Above: A farmer stopped at the FCFI booth. He was given two awesome John Deere color walking sticks. One for him and one for his son!

VA Farm Show MJS shares with a young man.jpgAbove: FCFI witness Michael Steele gives out a Wordless Walking Stick and shares the message of Jesus' salvation with this young man.


Above: A fellow vendor stopped by to see about the walking sticks. His booth was down a short ways and he said he was seeing people with these sticks all over the place. What is up with those sticks?? (By the way, he loved the message!!)

Above: Sometimes we will get down on a knee to share the message. We do not want to tower over the children but share from their level. Here, two families get the salvation message of Lord Jesus Christ!

Above: These two gentlemen each get a beautiful mahogany walking stick. Oh yes, they also got the message of Jesus' death for our sins on the cross!!

Above: This was a fun moment at the FCFI booth. FCFI witness Karen Steele reaches to point to a bead to explain what it means. Mom is also pointing to the bead to help with the presentation. Moms do not point to help if they are not all in on the message. Mom loved what her daughter and son were hearing!

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