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The Western Farm Show, Kansas City, MO

Jeff Goss, Mike Weaver, Bill Nichols, Tim Spruell & Candace Alen ministered at the Western Farm Show in Kansas City, February 23-25, 2024.

Normally they bus in about 4,500 to 5,000 FFA kids from all over Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa.  This year they said there was about 1,500 more kids than last year.  And sure enough it seemed like there were more kids.  As usual they were very receptive and hungry for the things of God.  Many prayed with us to receive Christ and we gave out thousands of tracts, John & Romans, New Testaments, and New Beginnings flyers.  One man shared with us that his nephew came to our booth last year and because of the seed we sowed into him he went forward to get saved at his church the next Sunday.  My favorite testimony was last week in Louisville, as I was ministering to 4 teenage girls and talking about eternity and the plan of salvation, one girl began to shake.  She and the others prayed to receive Christ.  After the girl that had been shaking prayed, when she lifted her head up, she had the glory of God on her face and she had a total look of peace on her face.  

Enjoy the pictures as they capture the great moments. 

Jeff Goss has their undivided attention!

Mike Weaver loves to talk to young people!

Bill Nichols sharing with the farm show attendees. 

Looks like FCFI booth attracts a lot of attention.  It's all about JESUS!

What a sweet sight to see young people praying!!

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