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Mission Trip: Jamaica


John, farming by hand 

This year’s mission trip to Jamaica was led by FCFI board member CP Foster, and took place between February 17 and February 24, 2018 at Nightengale Grove Baptist Church.

Beginning work on Pastor Brown’s roof

The main focus of the trip was to put a new roof on the section of the parsonage that was leaking. With the help of several men from the community, that task was completed in a couple of days. There was no apparent structural damage, but there was some minor interior damage to the ceiling. The ceiling was replaced in its entirety, and since we had a big mess, we went ahead and painted the walls.

Ceiling frame repair and new drywall

Various painting projects were completed at the church including the new sound booth in the back of the sanctuary.

The completed ceiling

Rainwater collection system

Several years ago, a water collection system was built, diverting rain water into two 1,000 gallon tanks. There was room for one more, so that was purchased and plumbed into the existing system. There is no well on site, so they are totally depended on the rain runoff.

Kids at school

Emmie spent the first part of the day working with them and the teachers and then finished off the day helping us with our projects. She is a retired school teacher so it was a good fit.

Pastor Brown, CP Foster, Pastor Brown’s wife Jackie, Emmie Werner, Bill Werner

Being a small group had the advantage of some close fellowship with Pastor Brown, Jackie, and all the people who made our stay so rewarding. The ladies provided authentic Jamaican cuisine, complete with banana milkshakes. As they would say in Jamaica, all was irie! (To be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries.)