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Category: Prayer Guide and Devotional

Jun 8, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Years ago a friend of mine and myself went fishing. We took his van and his boat and headed to northern Pennsylvania. He stopped and bought his lunch and had me take over the driving. As we proceeded west on Rt6 the road was a constant ribbon up and down. I could not see a thing because the road crested and disappeared.

Prayer Guide and Devotional

So often we can look at a verse in the Bible and not truly understand what it is telling us. We look at Philippians 2:12 and ask “If Jesus died for me on the cross, why and how do I work out my own salvation?” This verse is not telling us we must save ourselves. God is telling us that now that we are saved by Jesus death and resurrection, we have work that needs done daily.

Jun 5, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Do you remember Popeye? He was strong! But, unlike Popeye, we are strong in God’s Spirit. And without the need to eat spinach! Popeye needed to eat spinach to gain physical strength. A similarity to that is that we can “eat” (read) God’s Word to become spiritually strong. God’s Spirit makes us strong. Strong enough to do what is necessary to perform the tasks He sets before us and ward off the flaming arrows of the enemy. We will have the strength to be loving instead of hateful and to be disciplined instead of lazy.

May 31, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional – May 31, 2023

What does an angel look like? Do they have wings, play a harp, and stand on a cloud all day? Did someone you did not know give you a hand when you really needed it, calmed you in a tense moment, or even gave you directions when you were lost and frustrated? The Lord tells us in Hebrews that sometimes when we think we are with a stranger, we may be actually in the presence of an angel sent by the Lord!

May 30, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional – May 30, 2023

There are times in our lives in which we feel we will be overtaken by the evil of this world and the responsibilities that surround us, and ultimately swallowed up by the storms of life. But, do not fear or be dismayed, no matter how violent the storm, our God is with us! He will strengthen us and help us through all the violent storms!

May 26, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional

Some people state that God is a hard God. Can you actually believe that He would refuse heaven to someone who was “good” all their life? God cannot compromise who and what He is. God is absolutely perfect. What is perfection? It is doing everything absolutely right. So, what is “good?” Have these “good” people ever told a single lie? Even a small one?

May 25, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional

The lima bean breaks ground and you see the new life coming out of the old!
People must remember, when they receive Jesus into their hearts and lives, they become a new person or a new creation.

May 24, 2023

Prayer Guide and Devotional

In all your ways submit to Him,

and He will make your paths straight.

Part of planting is making sure you have straight rows. This ensures we keep our garden rows uniform and easy to get into when needed without destroying plants. In our lives we also desire straight paths. Not paths that are crooked and will lead to troubled times. How is this accomplished for the farmer during planting? Keeping your eyes straight ahead (not looking back!). How is this accomplished in our lives? Keep your eyes and your ways focused on Lord Jesus and He will make your paths straight. Keep your eyes straight upon Jesus! Submit to Lord Jesus when you hear His still small voice. Submit to the Lord Jesus when you read His Word. This is what makes our path’s straight in our lives.

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