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The first Saturday of each month we are starting a ZOOM Prayer Meeting. (find link below)
Come join in for a time of Fellowship and interaction with farmers and nonfarmers. You will love Joe Humrichous, our moderator for this first ever meeting. This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow members of God's family and people from around the country and world that love the Lord and love farming.

“We’d like to extend a warm invitation to join us for our upcoming farmer Zoom prayer fellowship gathering, which takes place on the first Saturday of every month, one hour long, at 9 AM Eastern, 8 AM Central, 7 AM Mountain, and 6 AM Pacific time.”


“The first Saturday, June 1 will feature Joe Humrichous, the executive director of Paradigm One and Bible Prayer Fellowship.  Following that presentation, a moderator will send groups of farmers to a Zoom prayer room.  As numbers grow we would like to have multiple rooms with times of interaction and sharing personal prayer requests.


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